Welcome to Camp Public Safety – March 17&18th 2023′

The National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL) was established in 1998 as a way to bring together public servants from coast to coast in sharing their love of competition and, of course, football! The teams consist of personnel from many public service agencies, such as: Policeman, Sheriff Dept, Firefighters, Probation Officers and other city workers from the West Coast to East Coast. Two of the original teams in the league are still participating – the New York Finest and the Los Angeles Centurions. Don’t judge the man behind the Badge, NPSFL have some ballers who have participated in College Football at its highest level before they embraced their new uniforms!    

“As the coordinator of officials for the Los Angeles Centurions football team for over the last 10 years, I know firsthand it is not easy finding officials that can handle Law enforcement Officers. This is clearly their second love, but as officials, it is our first Love: the great game of Football.” – Lil Penny (Gill Correa)

“When I was a younger official, only the top veteran Officials in the Unit had the opportunity to officiate in these Public Safety games and it was based mainly on your reputation – a word of mouth thing.  Matter of fact, that’s how I was brought in to ref my first Public Safety game – word of mouth and I never left! It is always an honor, joy and don’t forget, a challenge to work these games!” – Lil Penny (Gill Correa) 

Public Safety League only has 4-6 games during their regular season that spans January -June and play according to current NCAA college rules. Unlike NCAA and the NFL, NSPFL resources are extremely limited, most teams sponsor themselves. As a matter of fact, ALL proceeds raised during their games go to the home team’s Charity of choice.

“After over a decade of Assigning Public Safety League football, I have developed an excellent relationship with the league representatives, coaching staffs and players. They have grown accustomed to a high level of officiating when I send the officials. We have officials from Power 5 conferences like Big 12 & PAC 12, as well as D1 FCS conferences like SWAC who currently work their games.” – Lil Penny (Gill Correa) 

“I believe it’s our duty as veteran officials to pass on our knowledge & tradition to the younger generation of officials who are just starting out.  The people I’ve met during my years reffing football goes from Pop Warner officials to Saturday D1 Officials to Super Bowl Officials!  Once  you wear those strips the Brotherhood never dies. Something refs have in common with public servants.” – Lil Penny (Gill Correa) 

This is “WHY” I have been encouraged to establish Lil Penny’s Camp Public Safety!

Grab a spot ON the field in live action games with 8-person crews. As a clinic we will staff a one-day double header featuring all of four Southern California NPSFL teams: Orange County Lawmen, San Bernardino Spartans, San Diego Enforcers, and Los Angeles Centurions. 

As a participant, you will not only get to experience some great snaps during the game, but you will also have direct instruction from top D1 officials you have seen on TV in some of the country’s biggest NCAA games. Each of them is an expert in their position and navigating the world of officiating, and are willing to share their experience and insights with you! 

Be a part of the Inaugural Clinic on

March 17 & 18, 2023

 As a participant at Camp Public Safety you will be part of an eight Man Officiating Crew and will be receiving a full quarter  of Snaps. Then there will be classroom film review & discussion of your quarter with our staff Instructors.

Let’s help our Law Enforcement officers participate in the game we ALL love with some excellent officiating! 

Can’t wait to see you there!

– Lil Penny (Gill Correa)